If you have ever encountered a rounded off bolt or nut you know how frustrating it can be. Before Turbosockets, there were only a few difficult options. You could have used a chisel, pounded on a smaller socket, used a torch, or used another time consuming method. Now there is a much easier and faster way- the use of a Turbosocket. It is used just like a normal socket, just place it on the fastener and turn.

A Turbosocket is an innovative tool that can remove damaged fasteners. It can remove corroded and rounded off nuts and bolts, studs, and pipe nipples. The new 1/4 drive set can even remove slotted or phillips head screws that are too tight to be removed with a screwdriver. Turbosockets have an endless amount of uses, they will turn everything they fit on.

Turbosockets can do all of this because of their unique design - they have tapered helical flutes. These flutes allow them to grip and break loose the troubled fastener. Whether you are a professional mechanic or work on equipment at home, Turbosockets are the damaged fastener removal tools of choice.

Hudson Bearings

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